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Bloodborne Oil Swamp

Oil Swamps are an environmental element in Bloodborne.


These puddles are filled with crude oil and are extremely flammable.


  • Forbidden Woods - There is a small oil swamp near the old windmill.
  • Chalice Dungeons
    • Ihyll Chalice Dungeons - There are many oil swamps in these dungeons. Undead Giants are seen roaming these swamps.


  • Rotted Corpses are often seen lying in ambush in these oily swamps, or any type of large, stagnated, or filthy bodies of water.
  • Enemies with flaming weapons can ignite the oil.
  • An effective way to make use of this environment may be to use Fire Blood Gems, Molotovs, or even Fire Paper.


  • A fossil fuel, crude oil is formed when large quantities of dead organisms are buried underneath sedimentary rock and subjected to both intense heat and pressure.