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Oedon Chapel Dweller
Odeon dweller
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation The Healing Church
Drops Formless Oedon (+3 version)
Status Alive
Location Oedon Chapel
English Voice Daniel Fine
Japanese Voice  
Brazilian Voice Heitor Assali
"Ahh, the hunter. Alive and well, are ya?
This here's a safe place.
— Chapel Dweller

The Oedon Chapel Dweller is a character in Bloodborne.


The Oedon Chapel Dweller is sitting in a very strange position. He asks the Hunter to send survivors to his location.

If all survivors have been sent to the chapel, he will thank the Hunter for being so kind to others and himself. He then vows to make a brand new start of things once the dawn breaks.

Players can easily mistake the Dweller as an elderly woman or an enemy; neither is the case for he merely has good intentions.


The Oedon Chapel Dweller can be found at Oedon Chapel in the Cathedral Ward, which can be accessed after beating Father Gascoigne.



  • After the Hunter has sent one other NPC to Oedon Chapel he teaches the Hunter the "Triumph" gesture.
  • If the player kills any NPC, the dweller will cover his face in terror and won't talk to the player for a while.
  • The Dweller will "give" the player Pebble x 1 when talking to him after attacking him the first time.


  • There many theories regarding the Chapel Dweller his connection to Oedon.
    • The Oedon Chapel Dweller might be a follower of Oedon. He removed his eyes and drops an Oedon rune.
  • He could very well be mad, as stated by the Oedon Tomb Key.
  • The Chapel Dweller wears an incense urn like a necklace.