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Oedon Chapel is an unmarked location in Bloodborne.


A small chapel turned into a refuge via liberal use of the beast-repelling incense. Managed by the Oedon Chapel Dweller.

Survivors can be redirected here for shelter.

Possible NPCs[]



  • To send the Narrow Minded Man here, the player has to tell him to take shelter in Iosefka's Clinic instead.
  • If the player fights the Afflicted Beggar here, he can not go inside after transforming into an Abhorrent Beast due to his size.
  • There is a lesser Amygdala clinging to the side of the chapel. It is possible that it is attracted by the prayers of the survivors who reside within the chapel.


  • The Afflicted Beggar cannot stay inside for long since it is filled with incense, which, as stated by multiple characters, wards off beasts. However, he can trick or lure people outside.