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The Nightmare Grand Cathedral is a location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


The form of the Grand Cathedral that manifested itself in the Hunter's Nightmare, the Nightmare Grand Cathedral is nearly identical in every way to its real version, lacking only the moonlight that peers through its windows, and the banners with the Holy Shawl.

It houses Laurence, the First Vicar, who rests now as a flaming Cleric Beast, lying on the altar of the cathedral, burning eternally, filling the very air with cinders that rise and flails, yet slumbering, with the Eye Pendant in his beastly claw. The very altar where he lies has a statue of a woman pouring liquid, a cruel irony of Laurence's relentless obsession for the Old Blood, and his punishment of a burning thirst that shall never be quenched.




  • Players must enter the Nightmare Grand Cathedral to retrieve the Eye Pendant, as it is the necessary key to the Research Hall, through the Surgery Altar.


  • It is identical to the Grand Cathedral, though the altar is much more simple.
  • Cinders from Laurence's body permeate the very air and flow through the large hall. The cinders will remain even after slaying him.