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The Nightmare Frontier is a location in Bloodborne.


Following the instructions of the mysterious NPC who gave players the Tonsil Stone, one will arrive at this nightmare realm.

The Nightmare Frontier is a realm linked to the Nightmare, seemingly ruled by Amygdala. The area is strewn with graves and jagged rocks, in the distance only white mist and pillars can be seen.

Though this area is full of tunnels, it is fairly linear and yet easy to get lost due to its vast cave system that rushes players along under a constant threat of Slow Poison, and occasionally Frenzy.


NPCs in the Area[]




  • The Nightmare Frontier is incredibly rich in Materials as it has a high number of Wandering Nightmares roaming around it. Beware though, as it is also home to a larger and more aggressive type of Wandering Nightmare, capable of knocking players away from it with a strike of hits.
  • Patches the Spider can be seen waiting on a cliff, once the Hunter approaches the Shining Coins or loot. A cutscene will trigger where he pushes the Hunter off the cliff and into the poison valley. Although he can be shot down the cliff using the monocular beforehand, the cutscene will still trigger, resulting in the Hunter being pushed off the cliff.


  • There are several Messengers holding blue lanterns in the area, which function similar to the ones in the Chalice Dungeons, indicating the Chalice Dungeons the players visit are in fact, nightmarish realms rather than the real catacombs below Yharnam.
    • In addition to the above revelation, there's something else rather interesting about this realm in particular. First, the more obvious of these discoveries, would be looking out into the white clouds that sit just beneath the lands of the Frontier that give away the very tops of the large damaged masts of wrecked ships that one may witness in the Fishing Hamlet, which itself is connected to the Hunter's Nightmare. Second, upon one taking the opportunity to have a closer look and inspecting the environment around The Frontier, one is able to make out the very tops of the towers of the castle in The Nightmare of Mensis high above in the more mountainous areas of The Frontier. With all of these small details in mind, one can come to the conclusion that all of these individuals realms (the Nightmare Chalice Dungeons included) are all indeed actually connected and all stand as being a part of a single greater Realm that lies parallel to The Waking/Physical world.
  • It is believed that the Nightmare Frontier is based on the land of Ailing Loran.