Nightmare Frontier
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The Nightmare Frontier is a location in Bloodborne.


The Nightmare Frontier is a realm linked to the Nightmare, ruled by Amygdala. The area is strewn with graves and jagged rocks, in the distance only white mist and pillars can be seen.

Patches the Spider can be seen waiting on a cliff, once the Hunter approaches the Shining Coins or loot. A cutscene will trigger where he pushes the Hunter off the cliff and into the poison valley. Although he can be shot down the cliff using the monocular beforehand, the cutscene will still trigger, resulting in the Hunter being pushed off the cliff.


NPCs in the Area



  • Amygdala


  • The Nightmare Frontier is incredibly rich in Materials as it has a high number of Wandering Nightmares roaming around it. Beware though, as it is also home to a larger and more aggressive type of Wandering Nightmare, capable of knocking players away from it with a strike of hits.
  • Though this area is full of tunnels, it is fairly linear. It is also easy to get lost.


  • There are several Messengers holding blue lanterns in the area, which function similar to the ones in the Chalice Dungeons, indicating the Chalice Dungeons the players visit are in fact, nightmarish realms rather than the real catacombs below Yharnam.
  • It is believed that the Nightmare Frontier is based on the land of Ailing Loran.


Bloodborne First Blood - Nightmare Frontier & Amygdala

Bloodborne First Blood - Nightmare Frontier & Amygdala


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