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This alternate Moon Presence is a boss and a cut content in Bloodborne.


It appears to be an earlier design of Moon Presence.


It can only be found in an unnamed location in the Chalice Dungeons.

  • Playable chalices:
    • Glyph: sikgc3sm


  • As this boss is a cut content, players should back up their save file before entering this glyph.
  • It can attack through its boss door.
  • It is a deformed, destroyed, and wounded form of the normal Moon Presence. It attacks using its whip like tentacles and it crawls around while fighting.
  • If one stuck on the arena side of the door, they can return to the area before the boss by suiciding via use of Chikage or Bloodletter, then exit from the chalice dungeon becomes possible.

▪ It is also possible to regain your lost blood echoes through the door, if died near it, or by opening it again.


  • This boss does not yield any Blood Echoes after being defeated.



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