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"O Flora, of the moon, of the dream. "
The Doll

The Moon Presence is a boss and one of the Great Ones in Bloodborne.


An eldritch being composed of human flesh and bone, with the exception of its head. It is covered in dozens of tentacles, mainly in its head, where they resemble hair, and tail. Its body is mainly a large human spine and ribs. Moon Presence doesn't have a face, instead it only has a hole in its head. It's the Great One which created and rules over the Hunter's Dream. Defeating it will result in the "Childhood Beginning's" ending.



One of the Great Ones in Bloodborne, the Moon Presence controls and manipulates all that resides within the Hunter's Dream. The Moon Presence's origin is largely unknown, but its first known appearance to humanity was to Laurence, who summoned it for unknown reasons. Evidenced by the note located on the upper floor of the Lecture Building, the Moon Presence also has a connection to Paleblood.

"The nameless moon presence beckoned by Laurence and his associates. Paleblood."

Before being encountered by the Hunter, the Moon Presence had bound Gehrman, the First Hunter to the Hunter's Dream, an outlet seemingly used by the Moon Presence to further its own desires, mainly involving the killing of the other Great Ones. Whether or not this has to deal with halting the Scourge of the Beast and the slaughter of other Great Ones is unknown. However, a note found on the upper floor of the Lecture Hall lends legitimacy to the idea that the Moon Presence is actively seeking out and trying to eliminate other Great Ones.

"Hunt the Great Ones, Hunt the Great Ones."


Its attacks are quick and erratic, similar to Blood-starved Beast. Despite being the final boss of Bloodborne, the Moon Presence is actually somewhat easier to fight than Gehrman, who is fought just before the Moon Presence.

The Moon Presence begins the fight with three-hit combos that cover a large distance, often leaving its back open to attacks.

At 50% HP, it will cast white orbs that explode into blood, applying a debuff similar to Numbing Mist. This attack can be avoided by standing behind the Moon Presence when it is cast.

The boss can use a large AoE shockwave that will reduce the Hunter's HP to 1. However, this leaves the Moon Presence open to attack, as it needs 5-6 seconds to recover. It is possible to Rally HP back during this window. This attack is unavoidable.


  • You can exit the battle by using the Hunter's Mark or the Bold Hunter's Mark and restock after the fight with Gehrman, The First Hunter and also buy the Burial Blade and Gehrman's Set or even continue exploring the game before reengaging the Moon Presence.
  • Killing the Moon Presence immediately throws players into "New Game +" (a new playthrough), it is therefore advised to only kill it as a conscious decision to move forward.


  • Its otherworldly appearance, along with the name of its race, the Great Ones, are inspired from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, who wrote various books about eldritch horrors called "Great Old Ones;" cosmic entities with god-like powers, forbidden knowledge and caused people to go insane with a mere glance.
  • It is sometimes called "Flora, of the moon, of the dream" by The Doll. The Doll will kneel before a gravestone and pray to "Flora" for Hunter's protection and safety. Apparently, in the Japanese version Flora is the name of the Moon Presence.
  • Like most Great Ones, it does not have any blatantly malicious intent and is even implied to be benevolent towards the hunters. The Umbilical Cord in the workshop implied that Gehrman invited the Moon Presence in the first place due to not being able to cope with the loss of Lady Maria.
  • Its appearance is believed inspired by Nyarlathotep, the Lovecraftian Outer God is known as the Crawling Chaos.
  • It is possible to lock-on to Moon Presence outside of the boss fight.
  • The Japanese name for Moon Presence is '月の魔物'.
    • Translated it means 'Demon of the moon'. '月' meaning moon; '魔物' meaning demon/evil spirit/apparition.
  • In the Lumenflower Gardens, and more prominently in the version in the Hunter's Nightmare, there appear to be statues depicting the Moon Presence cradling something.



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