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The Moon Cycles are a progression mechanic in Bloodborne.


The final Moon Cycle of the game. The Blood Moon.


Moon Cycles are a visual marker of progression in the story of Bloodborne. They are triggered upon interacting with something in the game that will change the overall perception of the Hunter. However, this perception will also be passed on to the entire world surrounding them, and other individuals in the world will react and respond accordingly.



  • 1st Cycle (Evening)
    • The starting cycle that every player always experiences when beginning the story for the first time or whenever they enter level of New Game +.
    • Visually, it is still yet to be night, the sun is setting, and the sky is orange in color.
    • Because The Cleric Beast is an optional fight, defeating it does not initiate any changes to the environment.
    • The Hunter may interact with people in their homes.
    • The Hunter may receive Iosefka's Blood Vials from the doctor herself whenever they return to her Clinic.
  • 1st Cycle (Sunset)
    • Defeating Father Gascoigne and entering Oedon Chapel for the first time will initiate the transition from Evening to Sunset.
      • Simply defeating Father Gascoigne will not initiate the transition between phases.
    • The Sun is lower in the sky during this time, and the lighting and contrast throughout the world shifts and changes.
    • Iosefka will be attacked and replaced by her Imposter during this time.
      • Therefore, it is advised to return and speak with Iosefka again to receive one more Blood Vial from her (since The Hunter can only carry one unique Blood Vial at a time) before proceeding to The Cathedral Ward.
    • The dialogue from survivors behind closed doors in Central Yharnam and The Cathedral Ward will not change.
    • It is possible to be taken to Yahar'gul, Unseen Village by a Kidnapper during this time.
    • It is possible to save all rescuable survivors and bring them to Oedon Chapel during this time.


Nightfall byrgenwerth
  • 2nd Cycle
    • Triggered by inspecting the beastly skull of Laurence in the Grand Cathedral, after defeating Vicar Amelia.
      • Simply defeating Vicar Amelia alone will not initiate the transition between phases.
    • The Church Giants in Cathedral Ward will all fall asleep, and from now on they will only notice The Hunter if they are approached or if too much noise is made nearby.
    • The entrance to The Forbidden Woods may now be accessed.
    • The Cainhurst Summons becomes available during this time, granting access to The Forsaken Castle Cainhurst.
    • Dialogue from survivors in Central Yharnam and The Cathedral Ward will change, with the people now demonstrating either a succumbing to the Beast Scourge or a slow decline into madness.
    • Patches The Spider will also somehow replace every interact-able survivor with the intent of sending The Hunter to the chapel entrance to Yahar'gul, upon which they will be whisked to the first floor of The Lecture Building and sent on the path to The Nightmare Frontier.

Blood Moon[]

  • 3rd & Final Cycle
    • Triggered by approaching the Woman in Bride's Dress, after defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider.
    • The lamp in Hypogean Gaol will now become permanently unavailable, and the chanting originally heard throughout the area will also fall silent.
    • The Kidnappers in Cathedral Ward and Yahar'gul, Unseen Village are all killed off.
    • The sound of Mergo crying will now be heard everywhere in The World (with the exception of The Hunter's Dream, The Hunter's Nightmare and The Fishing Hamlet) regardless of Insight Level until you defeat Mergo's Wet Nurse.
    • Most Yharnamites will have fully succumbed to either Madness or the Beast Scourge, and thus become unavailable to interact with, either making grunting noises or mad ravings.
    • The Lesser Amygdala that reside in the first chapel into Yahar'gul and atop Oedon Chapel are now permanently visible regardless of one's Insight level.
    • The sky in The Hunter's Dream will change, with more darker clouds swirling about.
    • The music that is heard in The Hunter's Dream will also permanently change, regardless of one's Insight level.
    • Depending on The Hunter's actions from earlier on, if they have assisted Eileen in eliminating Henryk without causing her to become hostile, then they will now find Eileen resting atop the staircase leading up to The Grand Cathedral, where The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst now awaits.
      • If The Hunter hasn't offered any assistance, then instead of The Bloody Crow, Eileen herself will appear in The Cathedral, having now succumbed to despair and madness, and will be permanently hostile towards The Hunter.
      • Regardless of The Hunters' actions, during this time, the Lamp for The Grand Cathedral that was received for defeating Vicar Amelia from before will temporarily be unavailable until the situation inside The Cathedral is resolved.


  • Players should rescue all rescuable NPCs before the Blood Moon rises. If the player fails to do this, the NPC will become unavailable for the rest of the game.
  • Few places ingame are actually affected by the Blood Moon. It seems only Central Yharnam, Cathedral Ward, and Yahar'gul, Unseen Village are visibly under the Blood Moon.
  • Few places ingame are completely unaffected by the Moon Cycles: Hunter's Nightmare, Fishing Hamlet, Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of Mensis. These places are different layers of The Dream/Nightmare and thus are unaffected by The Moon Cycles of the waking/physical world.
  • One other area in the waking/physical world that isn't affect by The Moon Cycles is Forsaken Cainhurst Castle and it is never shown to be under The Blood Moon.


  • The Moon that is present in The Hunter's Dream is not affected by the Moon phases out in the waking/physical world, rather, The Blood Moon in The Hunter's Dream will only rise when the Moon Presence descends. After it leaves, or if it is defeated, only then will the moon become normal again.




Blood Moon[]

Infected Moon[]

The moon in Hunter's Nightmare and Fishing Hamlet is different from the moon in Yharnam, it resembles an infected retina. After slaying the Orphan of Kos, and freeing it from the Nightmare, the Infected Moon will be completely gone for the rest of the game.