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Molotov Cocktail
Molotov Cocktail
Max No. Held 10
Max Stored 99
Usage Type Finite
QS Bullet Use QS Bullet Use -
Attribute Bonus
Strength D Skill - Bloodtinge - Arcane A
Attribute Requirement
Strength - Skill - Bloodtinge - Arcane -
Sold by the Messengers.
Random loot
Notes High Arcane scaling.

A Molotov Cocktail is a consumable item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Explodes in raging flames when thrown against an object. One of the oldest hunter tools available in the workshop.
Since the tragedy that struck Old Yharnam, fire has become a staple in beast hunts, and is thought to cleanse impurity.
Certain types of beasts have an abnormal fear of flame.



Molotov Cocktails can be thrown at enemies to deal great fire damage within a certain area, which makes it effective against large groups of weaker Beasts, who are weak to fire damage.


The price of Molotov Cocktail will raise as the game progress.

Merchant Twilight After Gascoigne Nightfall Blood Moon
Bath Messengers (Hunter's Dream) 180 380 860 1600
Bath Messengers (Chalice Dungeons) 550 1200 2300
Patches the Spider 2800

Selling the item, regardless of time, will only yield 40 Blood Echoes.



  • This is one of the most relevant items in the lore of Old Yharnam, as it is likely hundreds of them were the cause for the entire city to be set ablaze.
  • The term “Molotov Cocktail” is highly anachronistic as that didn’t exist until World War 2 when the Finnish coined the term “Molotov Cocktail” when fighting back the Soviets with fire bottles in 1939 to mock Vyacheslav Molotov after he said the aerial bombings in Finland were actually the planes off dropping food supplies.