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Messengers with scroll

Messengers are characters in Bloodborne.


Messengers are baby-like creatures who act as companions and merchants for the hunters. Messengers can be seen crawling out of portals connecting the human world with the Nightmare World. They are unseen by normal folk, but are able to communicate with hunters.

Messengers carry purple-glowing scrolls that contain the advice and thoughts of their masters, left behind for other hunters to read. Some of them can also be seen mourning the tombs of the hunters who have fallen in battle.


Gatekeeper Messengers[]

Little ones

In-Game Description

Speak to a Gatekeeper Messenger in the field to enter the Hunter's Dream.
Upon death, your character is revived at the lamp last lit, or near the last Gatekeeper Messenger in the spot where you awoke from the Hunter's Dream.

Bath Messengers[]


In-Game Description

Use Blood Echoes to buy items from the Bath Messengers or sell unneeded items. As the story progresses, additional items become available for sale.
After gaining a given amount of Insight, a Messenger appears that offers to trade items for it. As the story progresses, additional items become available for purchase.
Before Patch 1.04, 10 Insight was required in order for the Insight Messengers to appear and they disappear whenever Insight dropped below 10. Now they appear as soon as the player obtains 1 Insight and remain there even with no Insight points.

Stump Messengers[]

Stump Messengers

In-Game Description

Use the Stump Messengers to customize the appearance of messengers that appear in the field. After acquiring a messenger accessory, show it to the stump messengers, and thereafter all messengers will adorn that accessory.

Labyrinth Messengers[]

Messenger light the dungeon

In-Game Description

These messengers will light a lantern when you pass to an unexplored area to mark that the place has been visited.

Warp Zone messengers[]

Messengers Warp Bloodborne

In-Game Description

Step in this ritual ring of candles to warp to another part of the Chalice Dungeons.


Messengers act as asynchronous intermediaries between the hunters. They are the inhabitants of the Nightmare World, a parallel universe of which very little information is known. They adore and obey the hunters, who entrust them with special messages. They hold the accumulated wishes and thoughts of hunters in their home of dreams.

Network Play[]

Messengers play an important role in online gameplay. If the player approaches a messenger carrying a purple scroll, they can read Notes left by other players and rate them. Likewise, the player is able to compose Notes to be left for others to read.

If the player approaches a group of Messengers around a grave marker, or tombstone, they can reveal the spirit of the player who died at that spot, which enacts the last few seconds of their life. These can be used by new players to take advantage of the mistakes made by other players.



  • The Messengers are voiced by Joe Simms and Ryan Morris.
  • Many Messenger statues and lamps can be seen at Byrgenwerth. This, perhaps, depicts how close the Byrgenwerth Scholars were to the Eldritch Truth.
  • There are three enemies in-game that have Messengers as part of their bodies: Large Crawlers, Winter Lanterns(which also have bodies similar to The Doll), and the Brain of Mensis. What connection these beings share with the Messengers is unknown.
  • In concept art from the Official Bloodborne artbook, the Moon Presence is hinted at having a greater connection to Messengers than in the game, with art showing Messengers crawling over the Moon Presence.
    • Furthermore, the face of the Moon Presence has some similarities to the faces of certain Messengers.