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Messenger's Gift
Messenger's Gift
Max No. Held 1
Max Stored 99
Usage Type Unlimited Use
QS Bullet Use QS Bullet Use 1
Attribute Bonus
Strength - Skill - Bloodtinge - Arcane -
Attribute Requirement
Strength - Skill - Bloodtinge - Arcane 10
Nightmare Frontier

The Messenger's Gift is a Hunter Tool in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A strange gift from the Messengers, inhabitants of the dream who revere the brave hunters.
Use to envelop oneself in a black nightmarish mist, then transform into a messenger. The illusion is a parlour trick, and any large movement will break the spell.
To preserve the guise, proceed very slowly.



Casting will cost 1 Quicksilver Bullet, and it turns the player into a group of Messengers bearing a note. It is only useful in online PvP, as it will allow players to go unnoticed.

Performing any sort of action or sprinting will de-cloak the player.


  • The player will turn into a Messenger Note that is specifically as if a player was hovering above it. Keen players will notice if an opponent is using this item this way.
  • The best places to hide would be on a corner with low visibility and with a Message which players would have to walk through, thus activating the Message and potentially not notice the player's transformed state.


  • It is essentially the Chameleon spell of Dark Souls, with the difference that it only transforms into a single thing, instead of different breakable objects spread throughout the area.
  • In the early version of Bloodborne, the "Messenger's Gift" was going to be originally called "Followers Obligation".
    • It functions mostly identically to the retail version, but instead of becoming three smaller Messengers, the player character becomes one large Messenger. The effect is incomplete, and the invisible player character model sometimes overlaps the large Messenger, causing parts of it to render incorrectly.


Images/gifs taken of the early version Messenger's Gift are taken by Meph, here's a link to her wiki [1]