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Mergo's Loft Base is a location in Bloodborne. It is located in the Nightmare of Mensis.


Mergo's Loft is the building that houses most of the beings that reside in the Nightmare of Mensis.

The lamp at the base of this building acts as a shortcut to transport players across the many different layers of Mergo's Loft.

  • The lift in inside the building will carry players into the first level of Mergo's Loft.
  • The cage lift outside the building will lead players just outside the boss arena.



  • To access the shortcuts, players must do the following:
    • Building Shortcut - Find the room hidden in the right, inside the hall with Mergo's Attendants, after crossing the bridge, and activate the lift found inside that will take players to the lamp.
    • Boss Arena Shortcut - Activate the lift located just before crossing the bridge to the boss arena.


  • The first shortcut's lift is glitched, and will cause the camera to follow the player at a weird angle once the player goes up or down.