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Damian of Mensis
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Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation The School of Mensis
Status Alive
Location Byrgenwerth, Upper Cathedral Ward, Chalice Dungeons
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Mensis Scholar Damian is a Co-Operator in Bloodborne.


Damian is a Mensis scholar who will aid players against the most powerful Kin bosses in Yharnam and the Chalice Dungeons.

As his name suggests, he is a scholar of the School of Mensis, a shady organization that seeks ascension through contacting with the Eldritch Truth.

He dons the Student Set (caped), complete with the trademark Mensis Cage, and though he wields a Threaded Cane and Loch Shield, he prefers making use of his extensive arsenal of Hunter Tools, which are:

And since he, as an NPC, has infinite Quicksilver Bullets, his potential for damage and survivability is tremendous.

Summon Locations[]

Chalice Dungeons[]

  • Great Isz Chalice, Layer 3: To the right of the stairs leading down to the boss room.


  • Damian is a rather powerful NPC to summon despite his meek looks. He is capable of "burst-firing" the Blacksky Eye, dealing massive damage against players.
  • Damian wields the largest amount of Hunter Tools out of all NPCs in-game.
  • Summoning Damian in Isz Gravestone will prevent you from being able to summon Wallar or Gremia.
  • Summoning Damian will prevent you from being able to summon Henryk or the Younger Madaras Twin in Byrgenwerth.


  • It is likely that Damian is keen on helping the player since it will work towards unveiling Yahar'gul.
  • He is the only member of the School of Mensis that allies himself with the Hunter. And also, he is one of two surviving members of the School of Mensis alive so far. The other surviving member is Defector Antal.
  • Since he is wearing the Student Set, he may have even been a scholar at Byrgenwerth.