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Madman Wallar
Madman Wallar
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation The Healing Church
Status Alive
Location Chalice Dungeons
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Madman Wallar is a Co-Operator in Bloodborne.


Madman Wallar is an Old Hunter NPC that will aid players in the Chalice Dungeons.

As his name suggests, he used to be a Tomb Prospector but went mad.

He dons the Madman Set and wields Amygdalan Arm, as well as Ludwig's Rifle.


Once a Tomb Prospector deployed by either the Healing Church or Byrgenwerth to explore the vast catacombs deep below Yharnam, the constant exposure to the Eldritch truth have drove him mad.

Aside from the Ludwig's Rifle, his weapon and attire are made from what he found in the dungeon, which suggests that he might have been here for a very long time.

Summon Locations[]

  • Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth:
    • Layer 3: The path to the right from the first Lamp on this floor will take you to the top level of the large garden area. On the right-hand corner of this platform nearest to the path that you took to get here is where you can summon him.
    • Layer 4: Take the left door just before going straight ahead towards the boss room. In the next room with the Merciless Watcher guarding a chest containing a Sage's Wrist is the summon point.
  • Pthumeru Ihyll:
    • Layer 3: Once you've made your exit from the first tunnel, you can summon Madman Wallar from behind the large tombstone directly ahead.
  • Great Isz Chalice:
    • Layer 3: This summoning point can be found in the room below the one containing the Bath Messenger. If you enter via the long corridor the boulder trap, it will be in the corner to the right.
  • Defiled Chalice:
    • Layer 3: The ladder pit room with the locked exit gate facing you as you enter. Just look to your left to spot the summon point.