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The Mad One is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Tall, lanky and sable in color, Mad Ones are creatures wielding sickles of hue similar to their bodies. Their faces are almost entirely veiled by a head of ribbon-like hair, with two bright, white eyes peering out from underneath the cover. Their hands are like that of beasts, for each finger is tipped with a talon. They wear only a loincloth around their waist and only vaguely resemble a human.

Despite their malnourished appearance, they are incredibly agile when using their weapon and can easily cut down even the most skilled of hunters should they be caught by one of their hits.



Despite their frail appearance, Mad Ones are surprisingly durable to regular attacks and can inflict heavy damage with their sickle combos. It is recommended to stagger them or attack them from behind, as attempting to face them head-on can be dangerous if they manage to stun-lock the player.

The most dangerous attack of theirs is their 7-hit move in which it continues attacking the player in a relatively slow succession, making the move last considerably long and can catch some players off with its odd timing.

The Mad Ones that spawn outside of the boss fight will appear in a flash of red light and screaming can be heard. The player can use this to prepare for their arrival.

Alternatively, they can be completely avoided outside of the boss fight by completing Hemwick Charnel Lane before triggering the night to advance.


  • If the player has 0 Insight, they will not spawn during the boss battle.
  • Mad Ones can be encountered outside of the boss fight in Hemwick Charnel Lane at night if the player has a minimum of 15 Insight.


  • In the game's data the Mad Ones were originally meant to spawn in all the base game locations of Bloodborne if the player's Insight was high enough.
    • The likeliness that this was removed because it would prove too difficult for players to get around, is not only likely, it's nearly proved by the fact that even outside of NG+ the Mad Ones pose formidable challenges to players that simply can't deal enough damage to slay these creatures in one strike.