The Lumenwood Garden is a location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


The arena of the Living Failures. There are many lumenflowers in the garden, as well as a large fountain in the center, but perhaps most astonishingly, there is an overgrown, seemingly mutated lumenflower, that has reached the proportions of a tree.




  • The Lumenwood itself can block the arcane meteor attack of the Living Failures. All that is required is to place oneself between the Lumenwood and the large gate opposite to the entrance when first entering.


  • The Lumenwood itself is quite bizarre. It is essentially an overgrown lumenflower, but its size is beyond extraordinary. Perhaps, much like the Living Failures and Clocktower Patients, it is a mutated being.
  • The Milkweed rune description states that those who take that oath become a lumenwood.


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