Lumenflower Gardens is a location in Bloodborne.


Hidden close to the foundation of the Choir, the Lumenflower Gardens serve as the location of the Celestial Emissary and the Celestial Minions. A stone walkway surrounds a garden of lumenflowers, where the celestial beings arise once the player enters the arena.

Located deep within the Upper Cathedral Ward, it is mandatory to enter this area should the player seek to kill Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos. Otherwise, it is optional. The Lumenflower Gardens lamp becomes available after defeating the Celestial Emissary.

Behind the Lumenflower Gardens lamp is a window that can be broken, which leads to A Call Beyond and the elevator to the Altar of Despair.





  • This lamp is extremely close to the Altar of Despair.
  • Though this boss and area are optional, they are mandatory in order to fight Ebrietas or to obtain A Call Beyond.



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