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For the boss version of this soundtrack, see Ludwig.

Bloodborne DLC OST - Ludwig, the Holy Blade

Ludwig, the Holy Blade is a soundtrack in Bloodborne.


The soundtrack is played during the second phase of the fight with Ludwig, The Holy Blade.


Official lyrics provided by Antonius Tertius after contacting a producer who worked in this song:

O venator, deus sanctus

cum a forti candida

non vos perdemus viam nocte,

nec in sanguine potulentus

Cum a forti et stola

non itinere excidatis dominus!

Feris maledictus catenas maledictus

Factus gladio deus honoratus

Feris maledictus catenas maledictus

Solus persona stat in lunae

Factus lamna.

  • English translation:

Oh, hunter of the holy god

With a powerfull white sword

You neither lose your way at night

nor become drunk with blood

With a powerfull sword and robe

the lord does not fall away (from the path)!

Cursed beasts, cursed chains!

Become the blade of the honorable god!

Cursed beasts, cursed chains!

A lone person stands in the moonlight!

Become the blade!

  • Note: the translation provided is based on the producers intended meaning, as the latin contains several grammatical errors and sometimes diverges from the producer's free translation.