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The Lost Child of Antiquity is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Outside the halls of Cainhurst Castle, atop the snowy balconies and icy rooftops, the Lost Children of Antiquity lie, immobile, hiding amidst statues or hanging on spires, waiting for their unsuspecting prey, ambushing them as soon they pass by.

Their ghastly, greyish, and lifeless appearance resembles that of stone gargoyles, with faces not unlike those of Cain's Servants, who tend to, and protect the castle.



They are not truly hard enemies to face. In fact, they are quite easy, all things considered.

What usually makes the fight harder is the fact that they will ambush players almost always, rushing them and inflicting upon them a grab attack that can take off a lot of players' health. If players manage to attack or shoot the Lost Child of Antiquity, when they are standing for an attack, they will fall on their back, becoming vulnerable for a few seconds and taking extra damage. They can also roar and create a sonic wave to attack from a distance.

They are most dangerous in groups but are still manageable. Players who are quick on their feet can easily deal with them as their attacks have short ranges for the most part.


  • Even in this feral and twisted shape, they are not Beasts, but still Vilebloods, so they are weak to Righteous damage.
  • They are one of the only three enemies in the game that can drop Blood Stone Chunks, and of the three they are likely the easiest to farm. Not only because they are weaker than the rest, but also because there are many of them in a smaller area.
  • In the Chalice Dungeons, Lost Children of Antiquity can latch on to the ceiling. When the player gets close to them they fall down to ambush the player.


  • The Japanese name of these enemies is 古の落とし子, meaning "Old Bastard".
    • '古' means antiquity, '落とし' means to drop/lose and '子' means child. Thus, the name can be translated as 'Lost Child of Antiquity'.
  • These enemies are the closest looking being to a gargoyle, but interestingly enough, they appear to also resemble the Cain's Servants that also reside in Cainhurst.
  • When these enemies are slain while on their back they sometimes will still move their jaws and blink.