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Living String
Living String

The Living String is a material in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Special material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.
The immense brain that Mensis retrieved from the nightmare was indeed lined with eyes on the inside, but they were of an evil sort, and the brain itself was terribly rotten.
But even still, it was a legitimate Great One, and left a relic. A living relic, at that, which is a precious thing indeed.





  • The Living String, both from its design, name, and lore perspective, likely is, by all intents and purposes, an "umbilical cord".
    • It quite literally "looks" like an umbilical cord.
    • It was manifested from a Great One, albeit rotten, meaning it did not develop properly.
    • The name "Living String" implies that it has life, and that it is something which connects to another, much like an umbilical cord.