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The Lighthouse Hut is a location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


The small hut of the lighthouse of the Fishing Hamlet. Surrounding it are the cave systems to the back and left of the lamp, and the village of the hamlet itself by the right, by crossing a bridge.

The village is cramped, yet strangely empty, devoid of furniture or any sort of add-on with exception of barrels, pots, and other containers. In the open one can see some Fishmen working, while others stay on patrols with Fish Dogs.

The cavernous systems are wide, and winding, having several layers and rafters to traverse them. These caves were used to harvest the small slugs that can be seen on various nets, barrels and torches, the Fishmen work tirelessly in extracting them where they may be, and some even work with the shells of the Snail Women that can be found at the very bottom.




  • Brador's phantoms will invade the player thoughout various locations beyond the Lamp.