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Lecture Building 2nd Floor is a location in Bloodborne.


Former Lecture Building, probably a part of Byrgenwerth. Lecture halls are still full of former scholars sitting in their chairs. It's divided into Lecture Building and Lecture Building 2nd Floor, both with their own lamps. A shortcut connecting both floors can be unlocked from the 2nd floor.


Entrance can be found in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village, after defeating The One Reborn. Proceed from the Advent Plaza Lamp inside the building. The Hunter is drawn to Lecture Building 2nd Floor by inspecting the mummy at the end of the hall.

The building is not physically accessible by any means as it's a part of the Nightmare.



Connects to[]

  • Nightmare of Mensis: Accessed from Lecture Building 2nd Floor door.
  • Nightmare Frontier: Accessed from Lecture Building 1st Floor door. Shortcut leading from 2nd to 1st floor has to be opened first.
  • Lecture Building: Via ladder.