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The Large Huntsman is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Large Huntsmen are Yharnam inhabitants who have begun their transformation into Scourge Beasts. Although they still retain a humanoid appearance and walk on two legs, their appearance has become much more bestial and they are incapable of speaking. They stand a head taller than regular Huntsmen and are significantly stronger, able to wield large tools such as saws and ploughs one handed.

There are three variants of the Large Huntsman:

  • Torch and Saw- The first kind the player will encounter, and it resembles an Axe-wielding Huntsman into the a very progressed state of Beasthood, wearing nothing but a ragged and ruined Black Church Set, without a hat, and with bandages around the arms.
  • Broadfork- This one looks like the torch and saw-wielder, but uses a strange block of wood with large metal spikes portruding from it.
  • Metal Staff- It wears little to no clothing, mostly just bandages and wraps around its body, flailing a metal staff with reckless abandon against enemies.



Large Huntsman are very vulnerable to parries and can be slain quickly if the player equips a rune that boosts Visceral Attacks.

They often patrol fixed locations and are easy to sneak up on, provided that they don't detect the player.

All three variants are capable of rapid combos that inflict heavy damage if not evaded and work together with other enemies. It is recommended to lure them away from other opponents, especially if there are rifle Huntsmen in the area.


  • Despite their bestial appearance, Large Huntsmen are not classified as Beasts. This means that they will not take bonus damage from fire or serrated weapons. The fact that they are not beasts is further supported by the fact that they can be found near regular Huntsmen, and they will not be hostile to each other.


  • They appear to be in the last stages of transformation, as if they are about to become Scourge Beasts.