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The Labyrinth Rat is an [[::Category:Enemies|enemy]] in Bloodborne.


Labyrinth Rats are massive, overgrown rats, even larger than the Hunter. They travel in packs and attack by surrounding their unfortunate victims. Their bodies are heavily mutilated, missing several patches of fur and covered in grotesque, infectious boils. Fur is also absent on their heads, which in turn exposes their skulls.

The Labyrinth Rats have two different variants: the healthier rats, and the ones with gigantic tumorous lumps hanging on their backs. The latter will always inflict Rapid Poison upon every successful attack.



Labyrinth Rats move quickly, but take a moment to initiate their attack. But since they almost always attack in groups, they often become hard to fight off, players will often find themselves fatigued as the rats jump around to dodge a player's attack or lunge at them with vicious intent.

Due to their hunting strategy relying on numbers, it's advised to use weapons that have good range and likely capable of hitting multiple targets, like the Threaded Cane, Hunter Axe, Burial Blade, Church Pick, Beasthunter Saif, or the Beast Cutter.

They can often be overwhelming and if they are near a stronger enemy that it should be a player's top priority to hunt down every Labyrinth Rat in the area before dealing with the stronger foe.



  • Giant Rats have been a common enemy across the Souls' Series, being present in every game, and especially in Dark Souls 2 as there are two rat bosses in it.