Labyrinth Madman
Bloodborne™ 20150528062005
Affiliation Pthumerians
Locations Pre-set chalice dungeons:
Hintertomb dungeons
Loran dungeons
Cursed Pthumerian Defilement
Root chalice dungeons:
Hintertomb dungeons
Loran dungeons
Cursed Pthumerian Defilement
Pthumeru Ihyll
Drops On all Depths:
Quicksilver Bullets x4-5
Depth 2-3 dungeons:
Sage's Wrist x1
Depth 4-5 dungeons
Sage's Hair x1
370 -
Blood Echoes
246 -
Physical DEF icon
VS Blunt icon
128 128
VS Thrust icon
Bolt icon
128 34
Fire icon
Blood DEF icon
52 128
Arcane (DEF) icon
Slow Poison RES icon
76 120
Rapid Poison RES icon

The Labyrinth Madman is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Tall, thin, and aggressive Pthumerians, the Labyrinth Madmen are always twitching and shaking as they gently pat the weapons they wield. Their mouths are almost always wide open and a few chains wrap around their bodies, implying that they were restrained in some way at one point.

Labyrinth Madmen come in four variations:

  • Sickle-wielder
  • Dual Sickle-wielder
  • Corpse-wielder
  • Broken greatsword-wielder - exclusive to Lower Loran

Each of them is incredibly aggressive and fast and run at alarming speeds, but while both sickle variants focus on long combos, the Corpse-wielder will deal tremendous amounts of damage with a single hit and will deal Rapid Poison as an added effect.

The Labyrinth Madmen are only found in the Chalice Dungeons, and therefore do not scale with further playthroughs.



Labyrinth Madmen are incredibly aggressive and dangerous enemies, able to cross great distances in a short span of time, as well as inflict massive damage. It is not recommended to attack them head-on, as their speed, aggression, and high damage make it very dangerous to do so. This makes visceral attacks a good way to deal with them, albeit a risky one.

A much safer strategy is to sneak up on them from behind, perform a fully charged heavy attack, and then perform a visceral attack.


  • They can be heard from across many rooms due to their constant shrieking and moaning. This becomes especially true when they are alerted to a player's position.


  • There's an unused variant of the labyrinth madman, this variant welds a broken sword, and uses the Sickle-wielder move set.
    • The broken sword variant can still be encountered but only in this Glyph d698336c on the 4th Layer.


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