The Labyrinth Madman is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Tall, thin, and aggressive Pthumerians, the Labyrinth Madmen are always twitching and shaking as they gently pat the weapons they wield. Their mouths are almost always wide open and a few chains wrap around their bodies, implying that they were restrained in some way at one point.

Labyrinth Madmen come in four variations:

  • Sickle-wielder: the most common variant, and as such tends to be more predictable.
  • Dual Sickle-wielder: these usually unleash a flurry of combos and as such have a tendency to lock their foes down.
  • Corpse-wielder: they hold a mummified corpse wrapped in bandages and they can deal rapid poison as they hit.

Each of them is incredibly aggressive and can run at alarming speeds, but while both sickle variants focus on long combos, the Corpse-wielder will deal tremendous amounts of damage with a single hit and will deal Rapid Poison as an added effect.

The Labyrinth Madmen are only found in the Chalice Dungeons, and therefore do not scale with further playthroughs.



Labyrinth Madmen are incredibly aggressive and dangerous enemies, able to cross great distances in a short span of time, as well as inflict massive damage.

It is not recommended to attack them head-on, as their speed, aggression, and high damage make it very dangerous to do so. The very fast and unrelenting combos creates a good opportunity visceral attacks, albeit a risky one due to the unpredictability of their moveset. It is always reccomended to dodge first and then attempt the parry when baiting their longer combos.

A much safer strategy however, is to sneak up on them from behind (since they are often in rooms where they are not immediately within turned to players) to perform a fully charged heavy attack, and followed by a visceral attack.


  • They can be heard from across many rooms due to their constant shrieking and moaning. This becomes especially true when they are alerted to a player's position.


  • The Labyrinth Madman creates a stark contrast with a lot of other Pthumerian enemies. Firstly is their incredibly fast, and unpredictable movement and moveset, which when combined with its perpetual screeches and screams lends truth to its name as "madman", and secondly, it is the fact that while most Pthumerians use sharp tools, and weaponry, these madman are either using sickles whose handles are large humanoid femurs, or they are swinging a little mummified corpse at players. This, and the fact that they are covered in chains, appears to lead credence to the fact that they are in fact, or were once, insane, but that they eventually escape.
  • The fact it wears scaled armor like the Labyrinth Warrior, has very long hair like the Pthumerian Descendant, and it uses what appears almost to be ritualistic scythes, and even a corpse, seems to imply that the madman may have belonged to a religious class of Pthumerian society whose mind experienced far too much eldritch knowledge than it could take.
    • The item description of Madman's Knowledge seems to imply an interesting point that could mean that they forced them to go mad, since: "Making contact with eldritch wisdom is a blessing, for even if it drives one mad, it allows one to serve a grander purpose, for posterity."
  • There's an unused variant of the labyrinth madman; it uses a broken greatsword and uses the Sickle-wielder move set.
    • The broken sword variant can still be encountered but only in this Glyph (d698336c) on the 4th Layer.


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