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King ghost Low-class is an enemy and cut content from Bloodborne.


King ghost Low-class is an ghost of a low-classed king who bears a resemblance to Logarius. They wear dark robe and can wield quite few weapons.

There are 3 variants of King ghost Low-class. The first variant wields a short sword and shield. The second variant wields a lance and shield. The last variant wields a short sword and a Crystal orb.


  • The fact that that this enemy bears a resemblance to Martyr Logarius, hints the idea that this enemy may have been his earlier design or linked with him in some manner of from.
    • There are three king enemies, King ghost Low-class, King in Blue and last Martyr Logarius who is referred to as "King Reaper" in the game files, all this further hinting that there was relation between the king enemies.
  • This enemy only exists in the game files.