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The Keeper's Hunting Dog is an enemy in Bloodborne.


These beasts are dogs heavily corrupted by the eldritch magic of the Chalice Dungeons: their heads are attached to an almost reptilian neck, and also sport two ram-like horns, beady red eyes, and a long prensile tongue. They are extremely large, larger than any other canine enemy.

They frequently lunge themselves at players and are capable of breathing fire.

These are without doubt, the most dangerous canine enemies in-game and should be approached with the utmost care.



By far the most dangerous type of dogs in-game, they will attack in a group of two, and even worse, they often do so in company of the Keeper that owns them, or with other enemies in the same area.

As such, players should make these enemies a high priority target, their extreme damage output is too dangerous to take any chances with them. If the need arises, making an escape to an already cleared section of the Chalice Dungeon may be the best course of action as these are enemies that will aggro on the player for very long, while most others are not, allowing you to more easily deal with this threat.

A really useful tip for dealing with these dogs is to use pebbles on one of the dogs so the player can pick them off one by one so they can defeat the keeper and if the player decides they want to escape from the dogs another useful item to use is the blood pungent cocktail to distract the dogs.



  • There are three more kinds of dog enemies in game:
  • Their warped body and long tongues make them reminiscent of the "Hounds of Tindalos" invented by the writer Frank Belknap Long and mentioned by H. P. Lovecraft in the story "The Whisperer in Darkness".