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Item Discovery is a stat in Bloodborne.


Item Discovery is a secondary stat that affects item drop percentages, and is governed by the player's Arcane stat.

General Information[]

Though it might seem that having high Item Discovery should always be had, in truth it is not necessary unless players are trying to get enemies to drop a rarer item. This is because, outside of certain one time encounters, enemies will ONLY drop one item at a time, meaning that if players are looking for the more common item drop, the enemy they defeated may drop a rarer one instead.

A good example of this is seen with the Huntsman's Minions in Central Yharnam. When defeating them, instead of dropping their usual drop (Blood Vials) they might drop Shining Coins, which would be undesirable to the player.


The following runes boost the Item Discovery stat by the following amount:


  • The Cursed Offering in the Chalice Dungeons boosts the Item Discovery stat by an extra 100.


  • The fact that Item Discovery is governed by Arcane, appears to imply that players have a much keener eye for what they are looking for.