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Irreverent Izzy is a mentioned character in Bloodborne.

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Irreverent Izzy is an inventor to whom the Beast-related items are attributed. Those items are the Beast Claw and the Beast Roar.

Though it is unknown who they were and what exactly they used to do, it seems plausible from the description of the two aforementioned items that they were a Tomb Prospector. (A Healing Church Hunter tasked with the exploration of the Chalice Dungeons).


The Healing Church, as well as its expansions The Choir and The School of Mensis, sent hunters to explore and unearth secrets hidden away in the dangerous Labyrinths that were lying below Yharnam. Irreverent Izzy was one of those tomb prospectors who worked for the School of Mensis to raid the tombs in the Chalice Dungeons.

Though it is unknown how much of the Labyrinth they explored, it is likely that they explored Ailing Loran.

The tragedy that struck Loran is said to have its roots in the scourge... Loran is a corrupted land. It has been devoured by sand and is now home to the undead Darkbeasts. Time has stripped these beasts of their flesh, now but only skeletons and hide. They roam this afflicted land with a craving for flesh that has yet to cease.

Having witnessed the terrible strength of a Darkbeast, Izzy became fascinated by its undead nature and sought to emulate it's power. So, they created many Hunter Tools and trick weapons from the bones and hide of the Darkbeasts.


One of their inventions is Beast Claw, a beastly weapon wielded by Irreverent Izzy. Crafted by chiselling the long bones of an undead darkbeast and fastening them to the weapon. The bones are still alive, and when activated it grants the wielder a spurt of beastly power. One of the most terrifying features of Izzy's weapon is that it tremendously rises the beasthood within oneself. And also, when unleashed, it transforms the hand of the wielder into the hand of a beast.

On the night of the hunt, the Healing Church Hunters (see also Black Church Set), roamed the street hunting down beasts and infected. "Anyone who showed symptoms of the plague and their family would be purged indiscriminately."

The Church's blood healing brought them to power, but the existence of Irreverent Izzy greatly threatened them. For the citizens would question the nature of the Church's blood healing.

The Beast Roar, one of their inventions, can briefly borrow the strength of a Darkbeast, blasting surrounding foes back with the force of a roaring beast.

The Healing Church labelled all of Izzy's inventions forbidden. Which also included Beast Blood Pellets, large medicinal pellets supposedly formed of coagulated beast blood, though these were not created nor discovered by Izzy.

Izzy, perhaps, fled to the Forbidden Woods to continue their forbidden research with the Woods' residents. This is backed up by the fact that the Forbidden Woods is home to outcasts, including some who have partially transformed and fled from Yharnam to escape the hunt. And amongst them, some former tomb prospectors who had traveled the land of Loran.

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The outcasts built a village and their traps were arranged against the Huntsmen coming to the Forbidden Woods from Yharnam. Along with Irreverent Izzy, they accepted their beastly nature and embraced it. The hunters deployed by the woods would hunt the beasts, bring back their prey, and then dissect them in order to support the villagers in their forbidden research. Nowadays, large quantities of Beast Blood Pellets can still be found scattered throughout those forbidden villages, along with the Beast Roar - one of Izzy's inventions.

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Many of Izzy's admirers, notably the Yahar'gul Hunters and the Tomb Prospectors who explore Ailing Loran, still favor their beastly arsenals.



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