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Not to be confused with the Imposter Iosefka.

Appears In Bloodborne
Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation The Healing Church
Status Alive (Doctor)
Location Iosefka's Clinic
English Voice Jenny Funnell (Doctor)
Japanese Voice  
Brazilian Voice Thais Lucena
"Are you, out on the hunt?
Then I'm very sorry, but, I cannot open this door.
— Iosefka

Iosefka is a character in Bloodborne.


Iosefka is a kind-hearted woman who helps any and all possible civilian patients that approach her titular clinic, though she will refuse to let the Hunter inside for fear of spreading the curse of beasthood.

Through the cracks in the glass door, it is possible to glimpse her, as she dons the White Church Set, lacking only the head piece and revealing blonde hair tied into a ponytail.


Iosefka is a kind and compassionate blood-healer who runs Iosefka's Clinic. Initially, she is very caring, expressing her concern to protect her patients from outsiders and, despite her sympathy for the Hunter, will refuse to let them enter in fear of infection. She can be spoken to at the door near the 1st Floor Sickroom Lamp. If her door is attacked, she will ask the Hunter to stop. After several attacks, she will not speak to the Hunter at all.

Iosefka will supply the Hunter with a Iosefka's Blood Vial, as a way to help with the hunt. If the Hunter uses enough of her vials, she will state that she hopes to open the door once the hunt is over.

After defeating Father Gascoigne and visiting her once again, a sudden shift in tone will commence and Iosefka begins acting suspiciously; her voice changes slightly, and she asks the Hunter to send any encountered survivors to her clinic, a complete contrast in character to previously forbidding anyone to enter.

Entering Iosefka's Clinic prior to the Blood Moon phase, reveals that the real Iosefka, along with all the survivors that were sent to her, were experimented on and turned into Celestial Minions by an imposter, who then threatens the Hunter to leave. Continuing up the stairs will result in being attacked by the delirious imposter. Killing her results in her dropping the Oedon Writhe rune.

Entering Iosefka's Clinic after the Blood Moon phase, reveals the Imposter Iosefka lying on an operating table in pain and twitching nervously. Her dialogue also makes reference to the concept of 'eyes on the inside'. A Third Umbilical Cord can be looted from her body after killing her. Because of how she is positioned, and that she drops an umbilical cord, it can be assumed that the imposter was impregnated by a Great One, similar to Arianna. It is presumed that the research the imposter was conducting on her unfortunate victims was to further the elevation of humankind into Kin.

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep[]

In the titular comic, the hunter and The Child descend into the 1st Floor Sickroom from the Forbidden Woods to be treated by the real Iosefka, prior to her grim fate. The comic also implies that she was once a close acquaintance of Gehrman, and that Gehrman and the Moon Presence may have been in collaboration with the imposter.


First met "Are you... out on the hunt? Then I'm very sorry, but... I cannot open this door. I am Iosefka. The patients here in my clinic must not be exposed to infection. I know that you hunt for us, for our town, but I'm sorry. Please. This is all that I can do."

"Now, go. And good hunting."

Talking to her when still having 1 Iosefka's Blood Vial in Inventory "Are you still in need of something? But I have nothing more to offer. Please, try to understand my position. I can only pray, for a fruitful hunt."
Talking to her when running out of Iosefka's Blood Vial "You are safe, thank goodness. But I'm afraid nothing will change. I cannot open the door. I'll do what I can, of course. Perhaps this will help you, if only in some small way."

"Now, go. I pray for your safety."

Upon receiving a fourth Iosefka's Blood Vial "You are safe, thank goodness. But I'm afraid nothing will change. I cannot open the door. I'll do what I can, of course. Perhaps this will help you, if only in some small way."

"This night is long, but morning always comes. Someone of your caliber won't fail us, I am certain. And once the night of the hunt ends, we can speak face-to-face. Then I can finally see what you look like. I shouldn't be thinking this but I am rather looking forward to it. So please, be careful out there."

Talk to her after receiving the fourth blood vial and still have 1 Iosefka's Blood Vial in inventory "I'm sorry...I have nothing else to offer you. I will pray for your safety. May light shine upon this night, and your fortunes."
Upon attacking her door "Ah oh"
After attacking her door again "Please stop! It's beasts you hunt. Why are you behaving like one? This can't be the real you. Please, stop...."
Talking to her again, but this time around not attacking the door once more "Are you calm again? Thank goodness. You mustn't let the hunt overcome you. Remember yourself. You are not a beast."
If you ignore her pleading and keep on attacking "You are no more than a beast. I should've known...."