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Given by Valtr, Master of the League

Impurity is an Oath Memory Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A Caryll rune that transcribes inhuman sounds.
This rune, discovered inside the forbidden beast eater, came to symbolize "Impurity," and the oath of The League.
Confederates of The League cooperate with hunters from other worlds, and hunt to discover vermin.
Vermin writhe within filth, and are the root of man's impurity. Crush all vermin without hesitation.



"Impurity" Rune. Symbol of the League oath.

  • Boosts max HP during co-op +2%.
  • Wearing the Impurity Oath Rune aligns you with The League faction, and you will be able to see and find Vermin.
    • Invading and killing hosts in PVP, aiding hosts against bosses through cooperation, and killing the red-eyed Old Hunters in the Hunter's Nightmare will grant players a Vermin while the rune is equipped.


Equipping the Impurity rune allows players to summon special NPC Hunters which too are a part of The League and are connected in-lore, those Hunters are:

The summoning Messengers of these NPC Hunters are different in color. Whilst most have a pinkish red hue, the League Confederate Hunters have a blood red color to it. These Hunters will also spawn into the world performing the "League Oath" gesture and will have the title of "Confederate" as a prefix.

(Read the Old Hunter Bell page to learn which bossfights players can summon these League Confederates into)


  • Players wearing the Impurity Oath Rune will be hostile towards other summons wearing conflicting Oath Runes, such as the Radiance Oath Rune, and the Hunter Oath Rune.


  • The rune resembles a person bleeding from the wrists, likely of willing bloodletting, as its arms are wide open.
  • The name of this Rune in Japanese is: '淀み'.