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Not to be confused with the "real" Iosefka.

Imposter Iosefka
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation The Healing Church
Status Deceased (Imposter)
Location Iosefka's Clinic
English Voice Lucy Briggs-Owen (Imposter)
Japanese Voice  
"I endeavor to treat every survivor there is.
So please, be a saint.
— Imposter Iosefka

Imposter Iosefka is a character in Bloodborne.


Imposter Iosefka, much like the real Iosefka, wears the White Church Set, lacking only the head piece and revealing blonde hair tied into a ponytail.

She wields a Threaded Cane (with Slow Poison infused Blood Gems), a Repeating Pistol, and can use two Hunter Tools: the Augur of Ebrietas and A Call Beyond.





Shortly after having met Iosefka, and defeating Father Gascoigne, the Hunter might be enticed to return to her for her blood, as she would willingly give it away, intending a safe hunt through the streets of Yharnam. Perceptive Hunters however, will note a sudden shift in tone will commence and Iosefka begins acting suspiciously; her voice changes slightly, and she asks the Hunter to send any encountered survivors to her clinic, a complete contrast in character to previously forbidding anyone to enter.

Entering Iosefka's Clinic prior to the Blood Moon phase, reveals that the real Iosefka, along with all the survivors that were sent to her, were experimented on and turned into Celestial Minions by an imposter, who then threatens the Hunter to leave. Continuing up the stairs will result in being attacked by the delirious imposter. Killing her results in her dropping the Oedon Writhe rune.

Entering Iosefka's Clinic after the Blood Moon phase, reveals the imposter Iosefka lying on an operating table in pain and twitching nervously. Her dialogue also makes reference to the concept of 'eyes on the inside'. A Third Umbilical Cord can be looted from her body after killing her. Because of how she is positioned, and that she drops an umbilical cord, it can be assumed that the imposter was impregnated by a Great One, similar to Arianna. It is presumed that the research the imposter was conducting on her unfortunate victims was to further the elevation of humankind into Kin.

Quest Rewards[]

Iosefka will reward players with items, besides also acquiring some Insight from speaking with her, after someone is sent to the Clinic. Rewards depend on whether the player has entered the clinic through the Forbidden Woods before sending the person there.

Before entering clinic After entering clinic Celestial Emissary drop
Lonely Old Dear 1 Insight, 2 Lead Elixir 2 Insight, 3 Blue Elixir Sedative
Young Girl 1 Insight, 2 Numbing Mist 2 Insight, 3 Blue Elixir Formless Oedon (+1)
Arianna 1 Insight, 2 Numbing Mist 2 Insight, 3 Blue Elixir Arianna's Shoes
Narrow Minded Man 1 Insight, 2 Numbing Mist 2 Insight, 3 Blue Elixir 3 Pungent Blood Cocktail
Sister Adella 1 Insight, 2 Numbing Mist 2 Insight, 3 Blue Elixir Oedon Writhe (+1)
Afflicted Beggar 1 Insight, 2 Beast Blood Pellet 2 Insight, 3 Blue Elixir Beast (+50)


Upon meeting (after defeating Father Gascoigne) Oh, well, hello....Splendid. Let me ask you a small kindness. You're soon off to hunt, I presume? Then, if you find any survivors, tell them to seek Iosefka's Clinic.

Upon my Hippocratic oath, if they are yet human, I will look after them, perhaps even cure them.

This sickness, these beasts, they are not to be feared. This time the night is long. I might be trapped here, but I should do something to help. I'll even offer a reward for your co-operation. Tempted? Well, off you go then.

Upon talking to her again "If you find anyone who’s still human, send them straight to Iosefka clinic. You can assure them, there’s no place safer. Please do me this service."
Upon talking to her again (returning to the clinic) "Oh, hello. You made it. Find any survivors? Or only beasts? Tell anyone who's human about Iosefka's Clinic. I will take proper care of them. They're in your hands, and soon, mine...."
Upon sending a female NPC to her "Oh hello...You're all right. Very good. She's safe with me now, I presume you're to thank? The treatment is going well, stabilized, for the most part. Fascinating, really....Here you are, as promised."

"Oh, thank goodness you came....Be a dear, find me some more." *sinister laughter*

Upon talking to her again "There may yet be humans out there. If you find them, send them to Iosefka's Clinic. I endeavor to treat every survivor there is. So please, be a saint."
After sending a male NPC to her "Oh hello.....You're safe. What a relief. He's safe with me now. I'm thrilled to have another. Here you are, as promised."
After sending 3 people to her "What would I ever do without you? You're really making a difference." *sinister laughter*
Upon talking to her again (returning to the clinic) "Oh, hello...You're still alive. Any luck then? Finding anyone who hasn't turned? If you do, you know where to send them. *sinister laughter*
Upon attacking her door "Ahh! Can't anyone comprehend?! That'll be quite enough of you then. Isn't it time someone put you out of your misery?"

Entering back entrance of the clinic before Blood Moon

"Ah, moonlit scents....How did you worm your way in here? Well, I won't make any excuses. Would you mind leaving us alone? Things need not change...You'll do the rescuing, and I'll do the saving. But, if you refuse to leave...

Ah, well...I always wanted to try my hand on a hunter..." *sinister laughter*

If you ignore Imposter Iosefka's warning and enter the room she is located in

"This won't hurt a bit...I'll soon have you right as rain...

Hush, hush....Stay still....This won't hurt a bit... I'll soon have you right as rain...Just.....Die... ...ENOUGH OF YOU!!! Now, stop that"

Upon killing her before blood moon  "Curse this oblivious fool..." *painful moans*
If she kills you "Oh, how exciting! I've never worked on a hunter before..."
Speaking to her after deciding not to make her hostile "Oh, hello... Still alive, are you? I need more patients... There aren't many humans left, I know, but find me every last one you can. We must find a way. To surpass our own stupidity. You're one of the bright ones. Don't you see how much this means?" *sinister laughter*

If you find any humans, bring them to me. I'm depending on you, brave hunter."

After sending another survivor to her "Oh hello....You're alive. Good. I've received another patient. This time, I'll be trying old blood. I've achieved much. And I owe it all to you. Take this, as thanks."Custom made. And cheers, to the discovery of kinship. Doesn't it make you feel warm inside? *sinister laughter*

[If you haven't sent every single NPC to Iosefka's Clinic]

"Please....find me some more. I'm depending on you, brave hunter." *sinister laughter*

After you've sent every NPC to Iosefka's Clinic:

"Oh hello....You're still alive. But I suppose we're nearing the end. I don't imagine there are any left who haven't turned by now. Tragic, really, but what's to be done...."

Speaking to Iosefka inside the clinic (during Blood Moon)

"God I'm nauseous... Have you ever felt this? It's progressing. I can see things... I knew it, I'm different. I'm no beast... I... Oh... God, it feels awful... but, it proves that I'm chosen. Don't you see? How they writhe, writhe inside my head... It's... rather... rapturous... [Pained yet still Sinister Laughter]


Doctor Iosefka (transformed)

Imposter Iosefka


  • Iosefka's Threaded Cane is infused with a blood gem that grants her Slow Poison attack.
  • If players wish to encounter the secret boss yet seek the best rewards despite it, it might be more useful to kill Imposter Iosefka before the Blood Moon rises as it grants a good rune. All other Third Umbilical Cords can be acquired with relative ease, and since there's a maximum of four, yet, only three are needed, this may be the best course of action.
  • If the player attacks the doorway enough to make Iosefka leave, there is a bug that causes her to completely disappear when entering the clinic through the backdoor prior to defeating Rom. However, she will reappear after one defeats Rom, sitting on the autopsy table like normal.


  • Imposter Iosefka's voice actor also voiced Anri of Astora in Dark Souls 3.
  • One of the Celestial Minion in Iosefka's Clinic drops a Iosefka's Blood Vial upon death, possibly implying the real Iosefka's fate.
  • The Blue Elixir description states "Dubious liquid medicine used in strange experiments conducted by high ministers of the Healing Church". The imposter Iosefka also has a Augur of Ebrietas and A Call Beyond. Possibly the imposter is a high ranking member of the Choir. She went to Iosefka's Clinic where there is sufficient facility for researching after Upper Cathedral Ward had lost to the Beasts (evident by the 3 Scourge Beasts running around).
  • Many players believe that the Imposter Iosefka was pregnant during Blood Moon phase, like Arianna. But while the Third Umbilical Cord of Arianna's child describes her situation, the cord possessed by Imposter Iosefka states "Provost Willem sought the Cord in order to elevate his being and thoughts to those of a Great One, by lining his brain with eyes. The only choice, he knew, if man were to ever match Their greatness." No mention of Iosefka's Imposter. There is not a mention of her being impregnated by a Great One. This Cord only mentions Willem, and what he sought to elevate his mind. This may suggest that the imposter Iosefka, along with Yurie and some surviving members of the Choir went to Byrgenwerth in search of the cord and the imposter took Iosefka's clinic because the Upper Cathedral Ward has fallen to the beast.
    • This theory is debatable however. Two of the three other cords are specific about that exact cord being used for a specific event, the remaining cord from Arianna clearly comes from her child. The Imposter's cord is the only one remaining that does not note exactly where it came from, in addition to not directly stating that Willem obtained the cord, only that he sought it. As it will not drop unless she survives until the Blood Moon phase begins, and is a missable cord like Arianna's is, it strongly suggests that it is a genuine umbilical cord from her own pregnancy. As Yurie's story is still unclear whether she stayed loyal to Willem or not, the theory of the stolen cord relies on more assumptions than the genuine pregnancy theory, which makes it more likely to be incorrect.
  • A dead body of a Celestial Minion with a human hand can be seen at the clinic as well, this, along with the imposter dialogue "And cheers, to the discovery of kinship" further imply that the dead bodies found in underground passage were also the former patients of the real Iosefka. They were experimented on by the imposter but failed to ascend to Kin and thus ended up dying.
  • The other possibility is that the dead bodies in the underground passage are Church Giants, as they are quite large, and, being visually quite decayed, were likely dumped there long before Imposter Iosefka arrived.