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Illusory Wall

Illusory Walls are an environmental element in Bloodborne.


Within the Chalice Dungeons deep beneath Yharnam, there are several hidden secrets that are not locked, but rather hidden in plain sight, through the use of Illusory walls. To dispel the illusion one must strike it with an attack.

These Illusory Walls often hide one of the three things:

  • A Treasure Room
  • A Bath Messenger
  • A shortcut, with either of the above at the end


  • You can randomly come across Illusory Walls in the Root Chalice Dungeons.
  • The only preset Chalice dungeon that has Illusory Walls is the one associated with the Lower Pthumeru Chalice, which has one in every layer
    • Layer 1: From the lamp, head to the first optional area on the right, down the ladder and run straight ahead.
    • Layer 2: From the lamp, straight ahead, down the ladder, follow the path, up the ladder and to the right. run straight ahead and the room is there and don't forget to pick 3 chests in the same room.
    • Layer 3: From the lamp, run straight ahead.
    • Layer 4: From the lamp, follow the path, up the ladder, cross the bridge into the room. The wall is located in the big room leading to the bath messenger.


  • Illusory Walls do not exist outside the Chalice Dungeons.
  • Most illusory walls have a 'draft' effect that will move your attire in the direction of the illusory wall's presence.
  • Illusory Walls will emit a windy sound, similar to the one you hear before fighting a boss in the dungeons.


  • Illusory Walls were present in the universe of both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, often spread out in the main game.