Hypogean Gaol
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Connected Areas
After Leads To
Yahar'gul Chapel Graveyard of the Darkbeast,
Advent Plaza
Darkbeast Paarl
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Hypogean Gaol is a location in Bloodborne.


Literally translating to 'underground jail', the Hypogean Gaol is a small location in Yahar'gul where the Kidnappers bring those who fell victim to them. Located close to Advent Plaza, the location for the Mensis ritual, eerie voices can be heard performing the ritual, which get softer or louder depending on the distance of the player from the gates. Unlike the swarms of undead creatures that populate the streets of Yahar'gul after killing Rom, Hypogean Gaol is initially inhabited almost exclusively by Kidnappers, with Eye Collectors, Rabid Dogs, Maneater Boars, and Huntsmen also appearing in lesser quantities. Enigmatic notes are strewn about the area, and a troubled woman prays desperately in the bowels of the prison.


  • The Hunter must be killed by a Kidnapper prior to the rise of the Blood Moon.




  • After triggering the 'Blood Moon' event, this lamp will be broken and will never be accessible again until the next NG cycle. However, the area will still be accessible - albeit with different enemies - and Darkbeast Paarl will remain available to fight.


  • "Hypogean" means underground or subterranean, and "Gaol" is an alternate spelling of 'jail'.
  • Though there is no way to confirm this, it is likely that this lamp was destroyed by the Yahar'gul Hunters, who were deployed by the school of Mensis, in order to ensure that the ritual that is taking place in Advent Plaza was not interrupted.
  • The eerie choir that plays in the background as music in Hypogean Gaol is the Mensis ritual, as it becomes softer or louder depending on the player's distance to the gates to the Advent Plaza.


Ryan Amon - Hail the Nightmare (Extended) (Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack, OST)

Ryan Amon - Hail the Nightmare (Extended) (Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack, OST)


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