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Hypogean Gaol is a location in Bloodborne.


Literally translating to 'underground jail', the Hypogean Gaol is a small location in Yahar'gul where the Kidnappers bring those who fell victim to them.

Pre-Blood Moon[]

If slain by a Kidnapper, players will be taken to this terrible place and placed in a cell. Its gate is unlocked, however, and the area will be free to explore. From its terrifyingly dark halls, ladened with ambushes or the dangerous streets with roaming enemies, it is initially inhabited almost exclusively by Kidnappers, with Eye Collectors, Rabid Dogs, Maneater Boars, and Huntsmen also appearing in lesser quantities.

Enigmatic notes are strewn about the area, and a troubled woman prays desperately in the bowels of the prison but one thing remains always constant throughout the area: the ominous choir of a ritual taking place nearby. Those with keen ears will no doubt notice that the choir become louder and louder the more one approaches the large locked gate in the streets outside.

Until one can find the Lamp that leads back into the Hunter's Dream, players will be locked with no way to leave, always respawning inside their cell upon their demise. There is but one other way to leave, and it is only past the beast that escaped confinement within this place.

Post-Blood Moon[]

After the Blood Moon rises the situation quickly becomes far worse than it was before, as the end of the ominous choir of the ritual is now silent, and in its place, nightmarish creature are populating this place, amongst its numbers are Cramped Caskets and Bell-ringing Women on the streets, and Scourge Beasts made from bloodied, mangled corpses within the jail itself.

The many Amygdalas, once hidden, are now in plain sight of players, regardless of their Insight level.


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Post-Blood Moon[]




  • After triggering the 'Blood Moon' event, this lamp will be broken and will never be accessible again until the next NG cycle. However, the area will still be accessible - albeit with different enemies - and Darkbeast Paarl will remain available to fight, if he wasn't slain prior.


  • "Hypogean" means underground or subterranean, and "Gaol" is an alternate spelling of 'jail'.
    • It's possible that this unusual phrasing (particularly the word 'Hypogean') is a reference to H.P. Lovecraft's tendency to use bizarre, arcane words.
  • Though there is no way to confirm this, it is likely that this lamp was destroyed by the Yahar'gul Hunters, who were deployed by the School of Mensis, in order to ensure that the ritual that is taking place in Advent Plaza was not interrupted.
  • The eerie choir that plays in the background as music in Hypogean Gaol is believed to be the supposed "Mensis ritual", as it becomes softer or louder depending on the player's distance to the gates to the Advent Plaza.