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A Hunting Dog is an enemy in Bloodborne.

In-game Description[]

"Rat-like at first glance, these dark hunting hounds bristle, their flanks grievously wounded by metal implements. Is this the punishment of a rage-filled hunter, or an enhancement of its deadliness?"



Hunting Dogs are more aggressive, deal more damage, and have more health then a Rabid Dog, but fight in almost exactly the same way.

A good strategy to fend off Hunting Dogs is to shoot them with a pistol or blunderbuss when they get near, which will always knock them back, and then attack them as they attempt to get back up.

This same strategy can be used on all other variations of Dogs, as well as the Lost Child of Antiquity and Cain's Servants.


  • At Hemwick Charnel Lane, it is recommended not to confront these dogs immediately since there are many Huntsmen in the area. Lure the dogs far away from the gunners and deal with them separately.