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The Hunters of Despair are hostile hunters in Bloodborne.


In the Nightmare Frontier lie two Hunters from Yharnam, a Yharnam Hunter and a Healing Church Hunter, who have found companionship in one another against the horrors of this alien land. However, for whatever reason there might be, they are hostile towards players, and will attack mercilessly.

The following is their equipment:


  • Nightmare Frontier
    • Yharnam Hunter - Lying in wait after crossing the first bridge.
    • Black Church Hunter - Hidden in a small earthen structure, and will attack players after the Yharnam Hunter is on their pursuit.


Though there are two of them, these hunters are not at all the most dangerous of their kind, though one of them will ambush players after he engages in combat with the first.


  • The Hunters of Despair have a rather fitting name as they are absolutely tireless and incessant in their pursuit of the player. They will stop at nothing to kill the player and will continue to follow them throughout most of the entire area.
  • The Yharnam Hunter will use the Hunter's Salute gesture upon killing the player.


  • It is very likely that these Hunters were brought into the Nightmare Frontier in the very same way that the player did, and much against their own wills.
    • It is even possible that these two were previous victims of Patches himself.
  • The name "Hunters of Despair" can allude to two things:
    • It means they hunt those in "despair", perhaps to end them of their misery.
    • It could also very well mean that they are hunters who have gone mad with "despair", which justifies them being hostile to everyone else but them.
  • Both the Hunters of Despair and Edgar, Choir Intelligencer are likely the only hunters stuck in the Nightmare against their wills.