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A Hunter is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Several hostile Hunters can be found throughout Bloodborne. A notable difference between the player character (you) and these NPC hunters is that while their reload animation for the firearms is much longer than yours, they also have infinite Quicksilver Bullets. This can become very annoying when the hunter in question is in possession of items such as the Old Hunter Bone, the Cannon, or A Call Beyond. Several miniboss-type hunters such as Djura, Yurie, and the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst are actually hunters with all their stats set to 99.

Locations Found[]

Central Yharnam[]

Old Yharnam[]

Cathedral Ward[]

Forbidden Woods[]


Hypogean Gaol[]

  1. Middle of room - wields a Beast Claw and Hunter Pistol.
  2. Behind pillar in room - wields a Rifle Spear and Cannon.
  3. Middle stairway - Wields a Threaded Cane and Flamesprayer, uses a Tiny Tonitrus.

Nightmare Frontier[]

Nightmare of Mensis[]

DLC Locations Found[]

Hunter's Nightmare[]

Research Hall []


  • Both Eileen and Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods can be hostile in other locations, but only if the player has provoked them, making them different from those who actively seek out the player. In the case of the former, if certain conditions in her quest are not met, she will become hostile towards the player.