Hunter's Nightmare
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Connected Areas
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Cathedral Ward Nightmare Church,
Nightmare Grand Cathedral,
Underground Corpse Pile
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The Hunter's Nightmare is a location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


The area itself consists of a twisted, nightmarish version of Cathedral Ward filled with terrors and blood-drunk hunters alike. Many parts of the Ward have been replaced with smooth rock faces, and is full of even stronger versions of normal enemies.

It essentially has 4 landmarks that exist in Yharnam but with different variations:

  • Oedon Chapel
  • Grand Cathedral
  • Central Yharnam's Dark Building (the building that lies beyond the gate in Central Yharnam)
  • Old Yharnam's Chapel (the chapel that led players down to Old Yharnam itself)

Though the Hunter's Nightmare is the name of a lamp, it is also the name of the surrounding area.


The Hunter's Nightmare is accessed through the Amygdala outside the Oedon Chapel, once the player is in possession of the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter.

Lamps in the Area





NPC Hunters





  • There are shriveled corpses of Amygdala laying around the Nightmare, they are as if they had died a long time ago, a strange thing, as it leads one to believe that Amygdalas have a natural life cycle.
  • There is a Snail Woman that falls from the sky beneath the rafters near the Nightmare Church. This seems to support the theory that the Nightmare realms are layered and that though one might not be able to clearly see what is above, it is still possible to traverse these layers.
    • With the use of Madaras Whistle, the Snail Woman's hitbox will bug, causing her to appear to have ressurected. After ressurrecting, she will be passive and will not attack.


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