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The Hunter's Dream is a location in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

The Hunter's Dream is your character's home base, where items are purchased, leveling up is conducted, and weapons are fortified and repaired. Your character can be transported back to the Hunter's Dream by speaking with Gatekeeper Messengers in the field.

General Information

The Hunter's Dream acts as a central hub and sanctuary for the Hunter, where items can be purchased and weapons can be upgraded, as well as a connection to every other location in game.

  • Hunter's Workshop:
    • The Hunter's Workshop is the only building in the Hunter's Dream and gives the Hunter a place to store items, repair/fortify weapons, and replace Caryll Runes. Gehrman resides in the Workshop and will give helpful advice at the beginning of the game. The workshop also has a Storage where exceed items and trinkets are held.
  • Bath Messengers:
    • The Bath Messengers are found in the small garden area next to the Workshop. They act as a merchant for the Hunter, trading mostly consumables and gear for Blood Echoes and allowing players to sell excess items as well. Acquiring special Badges will further unlock their wares.
    • The Insight Bath Messengers are found almost directly above the Bath Messengers and function in the same way but will only trade, mostly, consumables and materials for insight.
  • The Doll:
    • Outside, near the stairs to the Workshop, is The Doll. Speak to her in order to level up.
  • Awakening Stones:
    • The Awakening Headstones are along the other side of the stairs and function as a way to teleport to previously unlocked locations.
  • Ritual Altars:
    • Ritual Altars are found along the path that leads to the rear of the Workshop. These can be used to create Chalice Dungeons to explore the Labyrinth that lies below Yharnam.
  • Stump Messenger:
    • Behind the Hunter's Workshop lies a Stump with Messengers. After acquiring special adornments, players can equip these embellishments at the Stump to make all of the Messengers display the item they have just been adorned with. These adornments range from simple hats, to incense urns placed on their heads.


As the central hub, the Hunter's Dream connects to every location in the game. As well as serves as the connecting point to the Chalice Dungeons.


The Hunter's Dream is home to two potential final bosses, one is not a secret, the other, is. Each has a different ending associated to it. The last one on the list is the secret boss, accessible only by collecting a certain item throughout the game.


The Hunter's Dream is an otherworldly replica of the original Hunter's Workshop, now called the Abandoned Old Workshop under the Healing Church Workshop. Created by Gehrman and the Moon Presence, the Hunter's Dream was originally intended as a way to ensure there were always hunters to fight the beasts. Gehrman eventually realized that the Dream was bound to his consciousness, with each requiring the existence of the other, and nearly went mad from the revelation of never dying yet serving an eternal cause.

After defeating Mergo's Wet Nurse, the dream begins to fall apart, with the main building catching on fire as the obvious sign of it. Gehrman offers to release the Hunter from the dream, and become one of those "who no longer dream", such as Djura and Eileen. The player is then severed from the dream, and returns to reality.

If the Hunter refuses Gehrman's offer, then he will fight the player. Should the player defeat him, the Moon Presence descends and names the Hunter the new head of the Hunt, taking Gehrman's place.

If the Hunter had previously consumed three Umbilical Cords, the Moon Presence will sense the Hunter's power and attack them, fighting for control of the Dream. After slaying the Great One, the player becomes a Great One themselves at the end of the battle, pushing humanity into its next phase of existence.


  • Despite being a safe haven, it is possible to PvP in the Hunter's Dream if the player beckons another player with a hostile Oath Rune.
  • The Hunter can die in the Hunter's Dream.


  • The pillars are referred to as "shrines" in the game files.
  • According to the Gehrman dialogue, it was him who set the dream on fire.
  • It is possible to see Gehrman sitting in his wheelchair in his boss arena by looking through some trees and bushes outside. He is visible here throughout the entire game, even when Gehrman is present in the workshop or in the back garden.



  • Moonlit Melody theme begin to play in the Hunter's Dream, instead of the previous track, after descending of the Moon Presence or gaining 50 insight:
  • Alternative version of the Hunter's Dream theme was playing in the Stress test version of the game on the character choosing screen: