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The Healing Church Workshop is a location in Bloodborne.


The Healing Church Workshop, a tall tower-like building near Oedon Chapel, was once filled with weapons and tools of the art of hunting beasts.

However, it now has fallen in complete and absolute ruin and began to literally collapse in many of its floors, evident by the many broken and unlit rafters. One might wonder what abandoned old secrets still lie within, away from prying eyes.

Regardless, there are many Huntsmen who guard the place, in particular the very top of the workshop, which connects to the elusive Upper Cathedral Ward.


Lamps in the Area[]

  • This is the only marked area in the game that lacks a lamp.


The Healing Church Workshop is one of the few workshops still active in Yharnam today.

The Hunter Workshop was the first workshop to provide hunters with trick weapons to combat beast. It was run by Gehrman, the First Hunter.

When Gehrman disappeared, the Healing Church founded their own workshop to face the beast threat, which was growing more and more inhuman as time passed by.

Ludwig - the leader of of the Healing Church hunters - decided to arm the mobs and provide hunters with trick weapons. It exhibits several departures from the former workshop's design, suggesting that the Church anticipated much larger inhuman beasts.





  • The hanging blades around the Healing Church Workshop look much alike the blades of the Burial Blade and Saw Cleaver.



Old Abbandoned Workshop

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