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The Great Snake Ball is an enemy in Bloodborne.


True to their name, the Great Snake Ball is a gigantic conglomerate of thick, large, and poisonous snakes, taller than any man. They appear to lead the smaller Snake Balls, and will often surround themselves with them.

They populate most of the Forbidden Woods and have completely infested the area and some of their denizens.

There are three kinds of this enemy. One that stands far from the player, spitting thick, poisonous bile, this kind has only Two large heads. The second kind will simply pursue the player to bite them, this kind only has one large head. and the third kind spits out a large poisonous cloud, this kind has three large heads. They also posses similar attacks to the regular Snake Ball, such as a flurry of attacks that can stun-lock the player. Most of these attacks have a reach that is beyond almost all weapons.


  • One big head variant
  • Two big heads variant - exclusive to Forbidden Woods.
  • Three big heads variant - the only variant that can use a poison cloud attack which inflicts Slow Poison.



These are usually not alone. They may be accompanied by smaller Snake Balls or another Great Snake Ball. Its attacks inflict poison but it can be staggered by a high damaging weapon such as Ludwig's Holy Blade.


  • They inflict far more Slow Poison than their smaller kind.
  • The Great Snake Balls that shoot out poisonous bile can only be encountered in the Forbidden Woods, while the other two kinds can only be encountered in the Chalice Dungeons.
  • Interesting to note that the Great Snake Balls that spit out a poisonous cloud have far lower aggro range then their other kinds.
    • Also There are no sound effects for its attacks and some of the hitboxes for said attacks seems to not work.


  • The Great Snake Ball acts almost like a matriarch figure to the much smaller and numerous Snake Balls.