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The Great One Beast is a boss and cut content in Bloodborne.


The Great One Beast is a beastly boss that was cut from the game. It exists only in game files.

It has Beast, Kin and Great One characteristics.


  • It can only be found in an unnamed location in the Chalice Dungeons.
    • Playable glyph: arkhv2vs.


  • Attacking it with fire damage will burn its fur away.
  • As this boss is cut content, players should back up their save file before entering this glyph.
  • It has a damaging aura which deals minor damage over time in close proximity.


  • As cut content, it does not yield any Blood Echoes after being defeated.
  • The file name used for the Great One Beast is referred to as "SilverBeast", hinting at a relation with the Loran Silverbeasts.
    • Another thing to note is the file name used for the Loran Silverbeasts calls them "Disciple_of_SilverBeast", further hinting at a relation between the two.