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The Great Bridge is a location in Bloodborne.


The Great Bridge is a massive bridge that connects Central Yharnam to the main entrance of the Cathedral Ward. It is littered with abandoned carriages that likely were supposed to be brought to the Cathedral Ward. However, the spreading scourge of beasts had infested Yharnam too deeply, and as an act to safeguard their residence, the Healing Church blocked the path to it from the Great Bridge to ensure safety of the Ward.






  • The theory that the Great Bridge was locked from the Cathedral Ward to ensure the spreading of the Scourge makes sense as one can clearly see the unique Church Giant with a wrecking ball, guarding the entrance to the Cathedral Ward from the Bridge. Additionally, the room that is lead from the door in the Great Bridge is filled with incense urns to ward off the beasts, further supporting this theory.
  • By hacking the first demo of the game's files, it was discovered that the door at the end of the area was in fact interactable.
    • This was likely changed as there was no need for players unlock a means to go back to the area after reaching Cathedral Ward.