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The Gravekeeper Scorpion is an enemy in Bloodborne.


A warped creature with a skeletal scorpion-like body and a flat humanoid visage: this monster eerily looks like a humanoid skeleton with pincer-like hands, a long spine and legs instead of ribs, thus hinting that its not just a simple mutant scorpion.

There is a variant that has multiple smaller scorpions on its body, but there appear to be no significant differences.


Gravekeeper Scorpions have unusually high physical resistance, causing most weapons to deal relatively low damage.

However, they have virtually no resistance to elemental damage types. As such, weapons that deal elemental damage will prove especially useful. Fire and Bolt Paper may also be used. Blood damage weapons, such as the Bloodletter, Chikage or any Firearm, will also dispose of them quickly.

They can rush unsuspecting players, which is especially deadly in tight rooms. There are often more than one.



  • They die in a burst of Rapid Poison, making them potentially lethal, even after death.
  • The variant that has multiple smaller scorpions on its back. Has a special death animation with all the smaller scorpions dispersing from the main Gravekeeper Scorpion.
  • Their eyes are not the eyes on the human-like skull but beneath and further apart. This can be observed by dropping blood echoes and having them pick it up.