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Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Beasts
Level N/A
Status Deceased
Location Central Yharnam
English Voice Daniel Fine
Japanese Voice  
Brazilian Voice  
"Paleblood, you say? Hmm... Never heard of it."
— Gilbert

Gilbert is a character in Bloodborne.


Gilbert can be found inside a house near the Central Yharnam lamp, where the Hunter can speak to him through a window, whereby he provides warnings of the dangers of the city, as well as some sense of direction.

He is critically ill, and journeyed to Yharnam in the hopes of finding a cure for his disease, alas, he knows that the scourge is affecting him and grows increasingly sick and desperate as times passes. He is one of the few outsiders in Bloodborne.



After reaching the Cathedral Ward, return to Gilbert and speak to him to receive the Flamesprayer.

After killing Rom, and triggering the Blood Moon event, returning to Gilbert's house will reveal the window has been smashed open from the inside, and a Beast Patient can be found wandering the area just outside.

This Beast is all but stated directly to be the unfortunate Gilbert, having succumbed to the scourge, and he can be killed from here onwards at any time for the intermediate form of the Clawmark Caryll Rune.


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Introduction Oh you must be a Hunter, and not one from around here either. I'm Gilbert, a fellow outsider.
You must have had a fine time of it. Yharnam has a special way of treating guests.
I don't think I can stand if I wanted to, but I'm willing to help, if there's anything that can be done.
This town is cursed. Whatever your reasons might be you should plan a swift exit.
Whatever can be gained from this place, it will do more harm than good.
Speaking again Paleblood, you say? Hmm... Never heard of it. But if it's blood you're interested in, you should try the Healing Church.
The church controls all knowledge on blood ministration, and all varieties of blood.
Across the valley to the East of Yharnam lies the town of the Healing Church, known as the Cathedral Ward. And deep within the Cathedral Ward is the old grand cathedral. ...the birthplace of the Healing Church's special blood, or so they say.
Yharnamites don't share much with outsiders. Normally, they wouldn't let you near this place, but... The hunt is on tonight. This might be your chance...
After defeating the Cleric Beast Yes, I see... But the great bridge is the only way to the Cathedral Ward. And during the hunt, the bridge is closed... Hmm... You could try the aqueduct? There's a rather, how shall I put it, colorful area south of the great bridge. From there, an aqueduct leads to the Cathedral Ward.
Not a place you'd normally want to visit, but... I don't imagine you have much of a choice. Do you?
Speaking again An aqueduct leads from the town, south of the main bridge to the Cathedral Ward. Not a place you'd normally choose to visit, but... Not much of a choice, with the bridge closed.*heavy coughing*
After Defeating Father Gascoigne Ahh, you needn’t concern yourself with me. I’m afraid I’m of little help now.
But before I… Take this…(he gives you the Flamesprayer) I made no use of it, but perhaps you…
What inflicted me was incurable, but this town gave me hope… Their strange blood bought me time.
I was most fortunate. Unharmed by the plague of beasts, I can even die human. *coughing*
After learning of Byrgenwerth Have I heard of Byrgenwerth? Hmm... Afraid I can't say that I have. The locals aren't apt to share any local history. *coughing* I'm afraid I may not be of help for much longer... *coughing*
After defeating Vicar Amelia Why... me... why...
Dear gods, what have I done?
Save me, please... Save me...
Upon being attacked "Mm? Is something wrong? Stop this nonsense at once. So, you've gone over the edge. A terrible pity. Just another Yharno now"

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  • He is one of the few "outsiders" in Yharnam. As such, he shares some empathy to the player.
  • Gilbert is never seen during the game until he becomes a beast.
  • Gilbert's name in the ending credits is "Critically Ill Man".