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The Giant Lost Child is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Giant Lost Children are large hulking creatures that stalk the Nightmare Realm. Their faces are hideously deformed and they have numerous scars identical to those caused by lashes, implying they were once used as slave labor.



Giant Lost Children mainly attack with slow punches, although they will occasionally go into a raging frenzy of stomps that can easily kill the player if they get too close.

They will hurl large rocks at a distance and a direct hit can be fatal if the player doesn't possess a lot of health. Even the debris from the broken rock can inflict heavy damage so it is recommended to move away from the impact as soon as the boulder is thrown. Giant Lost Children are often found in groups and will constantly throw boulders at the player whilst they try to eliminate a single foe. It is vital to be aware of each enemies location and constantly stay on the move to avoid the rocks.

Giant Lost Children can be interrupted and are susceptible to sneak attacks. As they are often positioned on high ledges, it is possible to throw them off the cliff, although this will deny the player any item drops.


  • They appear to be weak to Fire.
  • The boulder that is thrown at players can instantly kill builds with low Vitality.
    • The boulder that they throw first cause damage if they hit the players directly, and then the debris explosion deals damage again.


  • Close examination shows evidence of a former enslaved life: they wear chains on their ankles and their backs bear many whipping scars.
  • Their name in Japanese is: '捨て子の巨人', meaning 'Giant Thrown-Away Child'.