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Gate Keeper
Dead gate keeper.png
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Byrgenwerth Scholars
Health -
Status Deceased
Location Cathedral Ward
English Voice William Houston
Japanese Voice  
"The password..."
— Gate Keeper

The Gate Keeper is a minor character in Bloodborne.


The password Gatekeeper was a member of the Byrgenwerth Scholars.

He guards the gate to the Forbidden Woods. To get through his door, players must give him a password, which is in fact, the old adage of Byrgenwerth.


He was one of the two last loyal servants of Master Willem. The two still remained with Willem after the departure of Laurence. Willem sent them to explore the catacombs beneath Yharnam and they went mad after an encounter with the Eldritch truth. Despite their madness, they still served Master Willem faithfully.

Willem then entrusted one with the mission of guarding the graveyard next to Byrgenwerth and the other with the gate to Forbidden Woods. If anyone wanted to go back to the institute, as Master Willem had hoped, they would remember the old provost's warning "Fear the old blood".

Following his master's order, the gatekeeper brought along several incense pots and guarded the door to Forbidden Woods. He was dedicated to his mission and now he has been dead long ago. But he, who is now only a ghost of distant past, still asks by-passers the password should they want to get through his door.

But little does he know, some members of the choir, who was unable to get past him, made their way to the old institute through an underground passage to search for the sacred cord of eyes.


Unused Dialogue



  • His unused dialogue suggests that many hunters had contacted the Gatekeeper but none could give him the correct password.
  • Upon inspecting his corpse, the message "Already dead" will pop up. This, along with his skeletal remains, suggest that the Hunter was interacting with the ghost of the Gatekeeper all along.
  • The Hunter is seemingly the first and only one to give the gatekeeper the correct and intended password. It's rather strange since Laurence's Skull is held at Cathedral Ward. The only possible reason is that thanks to associated with the dream, the moon-scented hunter is able to contact with the memory of the first vicar. But still, there were countless hunters before the Hunter had visited Hunter's Dream but yet the gate is still shut tight.
  • Several incense pots can be seen scattered around him, likely to make sure that beasts would not approach him.




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