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The Garden of Eyes is an enemy in Bloodborne.


With an alien and insect-like appearance, these enemies are some of the most frightening in Bloodborne.

They resemble the mix between man, spider, and fly, with their large bulbous head with a tremendous amount of eyes, and what seems to be tube-like tendrils on what would be their mouths. They also have small insect wings on their backs, resembling those of butterflies with sickly pale green color. There also are, what can only be assumed to be, spider legs protruding from their backs, and they have a very large tail. They appear to wear a white, tattered, soiled tunic.

Though their appearance is quite monstrous, there are two curious things about this enemy:

  • The first is that it holds in its left hand a mysterious stone orb with an engraving that depicts a large spider or tarantula.
  • The second is that this enemy is completely deaf. It does not hear the player approach in any way.



The Garden of Eyes does not pose a big threat to the player. However, their grab attack can be a problem if the player is susceptible to Frenzy damage.

To avoid their grab attack, it would be enough with a quick step aside once they jump at close range.


  • The Garden of Eyes are deaf. Players can sprint, and even fire their weapons and the enemy will not hear them.
  • They can very rarely appear in root chalices.


  • The Garden of Eyes hold a mysterious stone orb in their left hand, depicting a large spider. Perhaps it is a symbol of Rom (since they are so close to her), or a symbol of Amygdala.
    • Even after dying they still hold the orb.
  • The Garden of Eyes also appear in the Chalice Dungeons. However, they are quite rare.
  • The Garden of Eyes, design-wise, are one of the most intriguing beings in the game. It is almost as if it was made to look like the two insectoid Great Ones/Kin of Bloodborne:
    • Ebrietas - From its butterfly wings, as "Ebrietas" is a species of butterfly.
    • Rom - From its spider-like appearance and bulbous head.
  • They bear a strong resemblance to the Mi-Go, a race of winged insect/crustacean beings from H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Whisperer in Darkness".
  • There is an unused headpiece of its head that was cut from the final game.
  • The Japanese name for them is '瞳の苗床'.
    • Translated more literally, this means, not 'garden of eyes' but 'seedbeed of pupils'.
    • Although '瞳' means pupil, it is generally used to refer to the non-white part of the eye (pupil, iris et cetera). As a seedbed for such, we can see that the Garden of Eyes has hazy iris'/pupils, as they are likely still 'growing'.