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The Forbidden Woods is a location in Bloodborne.


The Forbidden Woods is a large forest on the outskirts of Yharnam, lying between the city and the Forbidden Grave and Byrgenwerth. It is home to a village of those who have been chased from the city, and is currently the nesting grounds of giant, venomous and parasitic snakes that have used its denizens as hosts. Entering the forest is forbidden by the Healing Church.

There are many different places that make up the Forbidden Woods, as it is one of the largest areas in Yharnam.

There are two forest areas, two windmills, and a village between both.


The path to the Forbidden Woods is through the large plaza with two Church Giants roaming around that connects Cathedral Ward with the Grand Cathedral. The path is at the side and is blocked by one of the giants. The Forbidden Woods door will lie at the end of the path.

The Forbidden Woods door will be locked and requires a password. The password is obtained by investigating the skull on top of the altar in the Grand Cathedral, after defeating Vicar Amelia.

Shortcut to Iosefka's Clinic[]

In the Forbidden Woods, there is an Underground Cavern which leads to the grave blocked off by the locked gate in the game. In order to reach this area, follow the lanterns to the first village in the Woods, the one right before the oily mire, and go up and around to the wooden shacks. There is a hidden path which leads off to the left of the dog cages. This path leads underground to a poison swamp inhabited by Church Giants and Parasite Larva. This area does have a lot of Blood Gems, so it is advisable to bring Antidote and wear either the Black Church Set or the White Church Set.

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  • There are several traps in the area. These traps are activated by stepping on a pile of wood and can be fatal.
  • A clue, in the form of a Note, can be found atop a tower in the Cathedral Ward, hinting to the whereabouts of the password needed to open the Forbidden Woods gate (that being the skull upon the altar in the Grand Cathedral). It states:
    • "A watchman of Byrgenwerth guards the gate with a password, the sacred adage of the Grand Cathedral."


  • According to the description on the Butcher Set, the denizens of the woods often bring home their beast prey for their forbidden research.
  • The denizens of the woods are hostile towards Yharnamites, as the scarecrows made with Yharnamite huntsmen's attire indicate this hostility.
  • Despite it being particularly difficult to perform, the player can technically access Forbidden Woods as soon as they start the game by luring the wolf in Iosefka's Clinic outside, getting grabbed while standing close to the gate and mashing the L1-R1 buttons. If performed correctly, the player's model will clip through the gate unlocking the area early and skipping Cathedral Ward entirely. However, there isn't a consistent way to bait the grab attack, and the wolf will not respawn if the player kills it by mistake.
  • The cemetery-like area resembles Japanese cemeteries. Though the shape of the tombstones are Western, the closeness of placement of the tombstones resembles that of Japanese burial practice.
    • The statues of seemingly small Amygdala resemble (in practice rather than appearance) the Japanese 'Jizō' statues. Said statues are made for 'those who have had a miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion'.




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