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The Fishman Mage is an enemy in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


They appear to be much taller than regular Fishmen, while also having a shroud over their heads that seems to hide their deformed hunchback and face.

There are two variants of these enemies:

  • Staff-wielders - These are easy to spot, since they wield long staves over twice their size, that they use to rain down lightning from the heavens.
  • Whisperers - They can be identified as they barely move, sitting with crossed legs and whispering constantly. These are extremely weak, yet also extremely dangerous. They will die instantly from the weakest attack a player can deliver, yet, they will send a continuous and constant barrage of homing arcane orbs that have extreme range and deals tremendous damage. They cannot be locked on to.



The Fishman Mage is a dangerous ranged enemy that can dish out a lot of damage from any distance. What makes them so dangerous, though, is that they are capable of raining down lightning on players, even if they have no direct line of sight.

Players should hide in buildings or structures with low ceilings, in order to block the lightning bolts. Beware as they often use three attacks in a row.

The Whisperer variant is incredibly dangerous, and is arguably one of the enemies that is capable of killing players the fastest. They are, however, extremely weak. So weak in fact, that they will die in one hit, even with a player's bare fists. It is also useful to use a Throwing Knife or Poison Knife to kill them at a range with the Monocular.


  • The Whisperers do not die from a single hit with the Pebble, but can die from two hits. This is because they have 7 HP. The weakest enemy in the game.
  • They are extremely resistant to Bolt damage.


  • One of the Staff-wielding Fishman Mages appear to be electrocuting shells from the Snail Women.
  • The lightning they call down is identical to the lightning that Kos generates. This suggests that the deceased Great One does protect the Fishing Hamlet denizens- her worshipers, her "children", as they call themselves.
  • Their Japanese name 魚村の司祭 means "Priest of Fish Village".